Thermage Treatment Available

for V-Face/Neck @ $495

Starting to notice sagging, and little wrinkles when you smile? Seek a non-surgical approach to address signs of aging? It is now possible with FDA-Approved Thermage CPTPerformed by experienced doctors.

Is your skin starting to lose that youthful bounce? Explore ways to support your skin's youthful appearance with Thermage CPT, a non-invasive radiofrequency therapy.

Try Thermage CPT 300 lines. The Thermage® system is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) therapy that can help smooth and tighten your face, while contouring your jawline for an overall younger-looking appearance.

How can Thermage Help You?

Tighten skin naturally around your face, neck and decollete

Restore collagen, and tightens the skin around the eyes, face, and neck

Enhances your cheekbones and nose with the contouring effect, and gets rid of that double chin

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your face immediately, improving up till 2-4 months later, lasting up to 18 months long

How is Thermage CPT Different From Other Skin Tightening Treatments?

Target Specific Areas

Intended to address the appearance of wrinkly or uneven skin, better facial feature definition around the eyes, jaw, neckline, and wrinkle reduction on the face and body. Aims to promote skin tightening while stimulating collagen growth.

Comfortable Treatment

Comfort Pulse Technology – Integrated cooling with pulsed RF and vibrations, along with cooling bursts which results in a comfortable treatment process.

Scientifically Proven

Thermage is backed by more than 10 years of clinical use in terms of its effectiveness and safety. More than 2.25 million treatments have been performed worldwide as of today.

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How Can ClearSK Help You Achieve the Best Results?

Our doctors, including Dr Shiau Ee Leng, have up to 20 years of experience. They have performed more than 300000 treatments since 1999 and are well-trained in giving safe yet effective treatments for maximum results.

Thermage is an FDA-cleared & CE-marked procedure.

Our doctors will develop a personally customized plan just for you as we have a wide selection of treatment settings at ClearSK. Our main goal? To give you the best procedure for your desired results.

Make the treatment process even more pleasant as you relax in the comfortable atmosphere of our clinics in Singapore.

How is the consultation at ClearSK like?


Our doctors will discuss with you to understand your concerns and analyze how the treatment can help you specifically. Supported by past records and examples.


Our doctors will give you a customized plan according to your needs. This includes the target area, the recommended number of session and the number of injections needed.

After-care planning

Our doctors will advise you on the after-care following the treatment.


This fee is for a single session of Thermage treatment with 300 pulses, targeted for the face and neck. It is offered at a bundled price of $990 when combined with a session of Thermal RF, exclusively for first-time customers. This combination is suggested to support the effects of the Thermage treatment.

Suitable for individuals seeking non-surgical options for addressing the appearance of mild to moderate skin laxity. Typical areas of application include the neck, under the chin, eyelids, and around the eyes. We recommend a personal consultation to assess suitability.

A Thermage session typically lasts between 45 to 60 minutes. It is a non-invasive procedure with minimal associated downtime, designed to allow patients to resume their normal activities promptly.

Some patients may notice a refreshed appearance shortly after the procedure. However, the development of results varies by individual, with progressive improvement typically observed over 2 to 3 months.

The duration of results from Thermage treatment can vary. On average, patients may enjoy the benefits for approximately 1 to 1.5 years. The longevity of the results is influenced by individual factors such as skin condition and lifestyle.

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