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Luxurious, Premium Thermage FLX treatment in Singapore – Pricing explained!

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Thermage, an FDA-sanctioned, non-surgical method that rejuvenates the skin by applying targeted radiofrequency. It stimulates the body’s natural collagen production for tighter, firmer skin. The treatment includes a dual cryogen cooling mechanism for added comfort. This article is a compilation of the top questions we get from those interested and during the treatment! Consult with a qualified professional to see if this treatment is right for you!


What is Thermage FLX?


This procedure is acclaimed for refining facial contours through skin tightening, reducing saggy jowls, and augmenting the jawline’s appearance. It’s also beneficial for treating fine lines near the eyes and upper eyelid laxity.

Many doctors highlight it’s effectiveness in rejuvenating the eye area, treating both lower and upper regions. Find out more about our Thermage treatments here! Here are the popular questions we get from those interested, before, during, and after the procedure.


1) Why is Thermage Expensive?


a. Single-Use Components
Thermage’s cost partly stems from its use of disposable tips, ensuring hygiene and sterilization. Each tip, with a fixed shot count, is used once.

b. Patented Technology
The exclusive rights of the patented Thermage tips add to the significant cost. Because there is only one manufacturer, there’s no competition to lower prices. Additional equipment such as cooling spray also adds to the expense.

c. Qualified Professionals
The need for trained, qualified professionals also factors into the cost. Clinics with expert staff ensure safe, effective treatments, justifying higher charges.Despite the expense, the effectiveness, particularly in achieving significant results in one session compared to multiple sessions of other treatments, makes it a worthwhile investment.

2) Is Ultherapy a better alternative to Thermage for skin tightening?

While both Ultherapy and Thermage are giants in the industry, they work differently, namely, the depth and technology used for each treatment

Thermage treats the skin from top down using radiofrequency waves; while Ulthera rejuvenates the skin from inside out with focused ultrasound energy

Thermage CPT treats all the surface problems in the skin – texture, wrinkles, firmness; while Ulthera tightens deeper layers like the SMAS to give a lift against aging. Because of this, the 2 treatments work synergistically. 

The best advice? Do both for a 3D non-surgical facelift! Consulting with a qualified professional will help determine which treatment best suits you. 


3) Thermage CPT vs. FLX for Facial Laxity – Which is better?


Thermage is effective for addressing skin sagging and facial drooping. It’s globally the only FDA-approved method for contouring and facelifting, and FLX is the better option. Why? 👇🏼

a) Total Tip 4.0 
If you’d like to do a full face treatment, it’s only a little over an hour (for the treatment itself, not including consultation)

b) AccuRep Technology
The depth of penetration is adjusted before every pulse (which is great for full face), as the depth of skin differs throughout. Customizable depth for every patient, and every pulse. 

c) Power difference

CPT heats the subcutaneous tissues to up to 56°C, while FLX can go up to 80°C. This leads to regeneration and collagen production in all these areas, rejuvenating both the skin and the deeper tissues.


4) How Effective is Thermage and How Long Will It Take to See Results? Am I too young?


You may see immediate improvements, but the typical response is gradual, with progressive enhancement over 1 to 6 months. Around 80-90 % of patients will experience measurable and noticeable improvements by the 6-month mark. As we age, our skin naturally loses firmness, partly due to reduced collagen production. Thermage can help restore a youthful appearance, enhance skin firming, smoothens its surface, and diminishes wrinkles by stimulating collagen synthesis. 

Anti-ageing procedures are really ‘prevention is better than restoration’, before skin loses its collagen, and the aging effects are all too obvious. This way, your skin’s firmness, elasticity and plumpness will be maintained.

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5) What Does Thermage Treat?

  • Eyebrow lifting for a youthful look
  • Correcting droopy eyelids
  • Reducing forehead wrinkles
  • Softening nasolabial folds
  • Jawline toning and reducing double chin
  • Cellulite reduction with advanced technology (lasting around 18-24 months)
  • Improving indented acne scars

Doctors often note Thermage’s particular effectiveness in rejuvenating the eye area, treating both the lower and upper eye regions with amazing results to counter droopy eyelids, bringing a more refreshed, awake, alert, and youthful countenance. 


6) How long do Thermage results typically last, and is it worth the cost?

Compared to other face lifting procedures, Thermage’s treatments are extremely long-lasting, with significant results, and it only requires one session a year, compared to other treatments such as HIFU, which needs more frequent maintenance. However, the cost of such treatments often raises questions about their expense. It’s important to note that many patients experience noticeable improvements for up to 2 years following a single treatment session. Considering its effectiveness and minimal maintenance requirements, many find it valuable despite the initial cost. 


Post-Thermage Treatment Expectations

Post-Thermage, expect visibly tighter skin with reduced wrinkles and lines, noticeable immediately and improving as collagen rebuilds. Some swelling and redness may occur, subsiding within a few days.


7) What are some potential risks or considerations associated with undergoing Thermage treatment?

Potential risks related to thermage treatments include temporary redness or swelling at the treated areas; however these usually subside within hours or days post-treatment.

Thermage, being non-invasive, requires minimal to no downtime. The treatment is relatively pain-free, with radiofrequency waves not harming the skin’s surface. A cooling function maintains comfortable skin temperatures.

Some discomfort is normal, with initial heat followed by cooling. Numbing cream and, for those particularly sensitive, local anesthesia or pain relievers can be used.

8) What makes Thermage different from other skin tightening treatments available in Singapore?


Thermage stands out due to its use of radiofrequency technology that penetrates deep layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production. This results in natural-looking skin tightening without surgery or downtime, making it a popular choice among patients seeking effective non-invasive procedures. Consult with a qualified professional to see if this combination is right for you!


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