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Sunshield + Skin firming

$ 248

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Sunshield SPF 50


Sunshield SPF 50 Enhanced 3D (Worth $80)

Contains ferulic acid complex, caffeic acid and exclusive ingredients that boost the anti-oxidant abilities and provide wholesome protection against external UVA, UVB, High Energy Visible Light, and Infrared Radiation-A.

  • Powerful antioxidants

  • Preserves skin cells from death and injury caused by sun

  • Prevents premature skin aging


Skin Firming & Hydration Serum (Worth $168)

Premium grade serum naturally derived from snail secretion filtrate and a blend of proteins to keep away wrinkles and sagging skin. Known for its repair and hydration properties so that you can get younger firmer glowy skin. Formulated by doctors so you can be assured of its safety and effectiveness.

  • Keeps skin firm

  • Boosts skin elasticity

  • whitens skin

  • antibacterial properties

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