Fairer Face & Neck

Clear pigmentation, brighten your face and neck with SR Laser.


$196 – SR Laser Face & Neck
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Treatment Benefits

Fairer Skin Without Pigmentation

Youthful Face and Neck

Regain the Centre of Attention

Designed By Doctors

Curated by ClearSK Medical Advisory Panel using clinically-proven treatments

SR Laser uses US FDA-approved Skin Rejuvenation system, which is a unique combination of IPL and RF, to lighten pigmentation and even skin tone safely, quickly and effectively.

Be the centre of attention with a radiant beautiful face and neck.

Certified Aesthetics Clinicians

ClearSK aesthetics program combines the art of beauty with the science of dermatology to treat your concerns. Our clinicians are professionally trained by our medical advisory panel. We provide a comprehensive range of affordable treatments which can be individually tailored to rejuvenate your skin and reshape your body. After treatment, we have a wide range of home-care products to maintain treatment results.

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Treatment Results

Treatment results may vary among individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Achieving a fairer and whiter complexion has never been easier and more comfortable. SR Laser utilizes the Skin Rejuvenation (SR) system, which is an unique combination of IPL and Radio Frequency (RF) to treat pigmentation such as dark spots, pimple marks, age spots, quickly and effectively. The technology is of medical grade and FDA-cleared, providing promising results for a variety of skin imperfections.


Treatment Procedure

  • Consultation with Clinician
  • Prepare your skin for treatment
  • Each treatment lasts about 40 minutes with a cooling gel applied onto the skin before a pulse of light is administered. The pulse may feel like a mild ant bite each time it is administered and mild flushing of the skin may be observed after the treatment, which is temporary.
  • Application of Calming Mask

The treatment fee includes 1 treatment each for face and neck.

Instant radiance, brightening may be seen after 1 session of SR Laser. We recommend that you undergo between 6-8 sessions, at intervals of 1-2 weeks for the best results. More sessions may be required for moderate to severe pigmentation.

Anyone with mild to moderate pigmentation can undergo SR Laser treatment. This treatment is not suitable for those with dark skin (dark brown to black) and those with a history of photosensitivity.

Both treatments can be combined with other treatments. Please inform our clinician so they can advise accordingly

Some customers may experience a warm sensation; temporary flushing, slight discolouration of the skin, however all these are short-lived effects of the treatment. There is also no downtime and hardly any interruption to the customer’s routine.

There is usually no downtime for SR Laser treatment. You can resume daily activities right after. Do avoid sun tanning 48-hours after treatment. For homecare, we recommend ClearSK’s Whiten Skincare Series to prolong the treatment results.

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