Profhilo vs Rejuran: 6 Differences You Should Know

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6 Differences Between Profhilo vs Rejuran 

Sometimes skin care products may not give you your desired results. You may need something even better and faster, skin injectables. You are in luck because these 2 trending injectable treatments are known to give you amazing results, Profhilo and RejuranBoth treatments are help with anti-aging, they help you promote skin healing and collagen synthesis, while retaining moisture in your skin. You will be surprised by the results – soft and youthful baby skin. However, they have their differences that many are unsure of. Therefore, in this article, Profhilo vs Rejuran, I have compiled 6 major differences to help you make your choice.

Profhilo vs Rejuran
Profhilo skin injectable treatment


Profhilo vs Rejuran: Benefits

While both may seem to have the same overarching benefits, they specialize in different areas. 

Profhilo contains Hyaluronic Acid in both high and low molecular weight. This combination gives Profhilo dual benefits. The low molecular HA will regenerate HA production, providing deep hydration to improve our skin moisture. Moreover, high molecular weight HA triggers natural collagen and elastin production to improve skin elasticity. Hence, Profhilo is best for saggy loose skin, dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines

On the other hand, the star ingredient of Rejuran is Polynucleotides (PDRN). PDRN is known for tissue repairing and its anti-inflammatory traits. It helps to regenerate our skin and reinforces the skin’s own barrier function. Hence, Rejuran is best for open pores, acne scars, skin damages and minor dark spots.  


Profhilo vs Rejuran: Number of injections 

Profhilo only requires 5 strategic injections using the Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) technique. This technique helps to minimize risk while maximizing absorption. Meanwhile, Rejuran requires multiple injections around the entire face, which will leave little red bumps.  Hence, Profhilo is likely to have lesser discomfort and downtime. However, you will still recover from Rejuran quickly in 1-2 weeks. Our doctors will also apply numbing cream for both treatments. 

Profhilo vs Rejuran
5 injection sites for maximum results

Profhilo vs Rejuran: Treatment areas

You cannot use Profhilo on delicate areas such as your forehead, nose, upper lip and chin area. It is not suitable for thinner skin unlike Rejuran. On the other hand, you can apply Rejuran to any parts of your body and face. There are different types of Rejuran. Some Rejuran products (Rejuran-I) are thinner so that it can be easily injected to delicate areas such as the under eye. This helps to prevent huge bumps from forming. 


Different Duration of Efficacy 

Thanks to its unique NAHYCO Hybrid technology, Profhilo contains high and low molecular of HA. This means that it is able to stimulate both collagen and elastin at multiple layers of the skin. It enhances the durability of HA complex, allowing it to last much longer than other pure HA fillers. Hence, Profhilo can typically last for a long time between 6-12 months

Rejuran Healer is more suitable for stimulating only collagen (without elastin) in the superficial (upper) layer of the skin. Hence, it can last for around 6 months


Profhilo vs Rejuran: Suitability 

Profhilo is more suitable for those in their 30s – 40s who are starting to see signs of ageing. It helps to combat skin laxity issues such as saggy skin and wrinkles. in contrast, Rejuran is more suitable for those above 21 facing common skin problems such as acne, dry skin or enlarged pores. 


Profhilo vs Rejuran: Cost

Profhilo treatment is typically more expensive than Rejuran in Singapore. One Profhilo session cost roughly $xxxx  while Rejuran cost $xxx per ml. However, do note that you need more sessions for Rejuran to achieve maximum results compared to Profhilo. Profhilo typically requires 2 sessions while Rejuran needs 3-4 sessions. 


Profhilo vs Rejuran
Profhilo vs Rejuran Comparison Table



Now that you know the differences between Profhilo vs Rejuran, which one do you prefer?

Don’t worry about which one is better, rather, you should understand which one suits you more. You can take these factors into consideration; your needs, pain tolerance, budget and desired results. You may also consult your trusted doctor to better understand each treatments before making a decision. These experts will conduct in-depth analysis to ensure that the right treatment is administered to you.

For more information on Rejuran, you may read our article Rejuran: The Trending Aesthetic Treatment.



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