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[12474] Deep Skin Renew Venus Viva For Skin Tightening $939 | Member $798

[12474] Deep Skin Renew Venus Viva For Skin Tightening $939 | Member $798

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What is it?

Venus Viva™ is a highly customizable skin resurfacing device that delivers exceptional results with low downtime. It is the next generation in Skin Resurfacing and Facial Remodelling. Venus Viva™ uses NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) with SmartScan™ technology to deliver energy through the epidermis to the dermis, generating heat, while stimulating fibroblasts and rebuilding collagen. The results are tighter skin, improved skin texture, reduced scarring and pigmentation. 

Key benefits

- Reduce signs of aging for a fresher, more youthful look

- Decrease visible pores for even skin texture

- Even out textural irregularities for refined looking skin

- Reduce acne scars for a clearer and healthier complexion

- Diminish deep lines and folds for younger looking skin

- Smooth necklace lines to reduce signs of aging

- Tighten and firm lax skin for a firmer décolleté


The above package comprises of 3 sessions of Deep Skin Renew Venus Viva.

Minimum quantity 2.


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5. Promotion expires on 31 October 2020.