[17893] Plasma-powered Infusion Anti-bacteria Acne-clearing $1168 | Member $993

[17893] Plasma-powered Infusion Anti-bacteria Acne-clearing $1168 | Member $993

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What is it?

It removes the bacteria and helps absorb essential drug to the skin tissue. A strong low-temperature atmospheric plasma on the surface of the skin sterilize the skin and the ionized radicals stimulates the skin treatment process such as skin regeneration, anti-bacteria, TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System), skin whitening and collagen generation.

Key Benefits 

1. Sterilisation: Kills bacteria which causes various skin problems

2. TDDS: Induces amazing absorption by breaking the cell adhesion molecules that connect the skin cells.

3. Toning Effect: Anti-pigmentation effect through suppressing melanin pigment and strengthening the absorption of anti-pigmentation cosmetics.

4. Skin Regeneration: Preventing skin aging by stimulating generation of collagen and fibroblasts.

5. Dermal wrinkle: Strengthening skin elasticity by stimulating blood circulation, lymph system, generation of fibroblasts.

6. Purification: Makes clean and transparent skin by facilitating the emission of melanin in dermis and epidermis.



The above package comprises of 1mL of Anti-bacteria Acne-clear serum for 6 sessions.

Minimum quantity 2.


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