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[5443] FTU Dysport Jaw Slimming 170U | Member $321.30

[5443] FTU Dysport Jaw Slimming 170U | Member $321.30

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Public Price: $378 (FTU)

Member Price: $321.30 (FTU)


*Terms and Conditions*

1. If you're First Time User (FTU), you may enjoy above price with no minimum purchase. FTU means you are buying this item from our clinic for the first time.

2. If you're a repeat user (ie not FTU), you have to purchase a minimum of 4 sessions in one bill.

2. First-Time User is allowed to enjoy FTU price for up to 3 quantity.

3. Full payment must be made before utilising the treatment.

4. Item is not transferable.

5. Packages have an expiry of 3 months.

6. Promotion expires on 30 September 2020.