Clinical Treatments

Clinical Treatments

Click on the names of the treatments below to discover how they can help you achieve your beauty goals.

Pigmentation & Dull Skin

Acne & Acne Scars

Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Lifting & Face Shaping

  • BOTO V Lift
  • Ulthera V Lift
  • Thermage FaceLift
  • HA Skin Fillers
  • Collagen Fillers (Sculptra)
  • Thermage Plus

Eye Care

  • BOTO Lines Free Eyes
  • Ulthera Eyelift
  • HA Skin Fillers
  • IR Lines Free Eyes

Body Sculpting

  • CoolShape Fat Freeze
  • CoolSculptor Plus
  • CoolSculpting Fat Freeze

Hair Growth

  • Regenera Activa Hair Micro Transplant
  • Hair Laser Infusion Therapy
  • Hair Sublative Laser Infusion Therapy