About Us


CSK Medi Skincare provides clinical skincare, face, body shaping, and hair regrowth programs which are designed by doctors, including medical inputs from the International Medical Aesthetics Advisory Panel (iMAP). The team believes that beauty is not just about how good one looks on the outside, but it also affects how one feels about themselves.


CSK Medi Skincare offers a wide selection of non-injection, clinically proven treatments for skin, slimming and hair! All treatments use equipment that have been clinically proven and certified by USA FDA, with protocols designed and tested clinically.


With a team of dedicated staff committed to helping countless individuals achieve their desired skin and body shape without surgery and downtime, we help our customers boost their confidence and bring back vitality in health and appearance regardless of age. Our senior doctors have, between them, over 65 years of medical aesthetics experience to offer our customers. This rich well of experience has led to the development of highly effective combination treatments that can be personalised according to each individual's concerns and needs.


With 11 years of safety track record, our team has performed more than 200,000 clinical-grade treatments for various skin and body conditions which are effective, safe & highly satisfied by our customers! Combining advanced technology with the team's vast experience, we are confident in our doctor-designed aesthetics programs to deliver safe and highly effective solutions for your skin and body shape concerns.


Combining the art of beauty with the science of dermatology,CSK Medi Skincare is a one-stop centre for your skin and beauty needs.