Remove dull, wrinkly skin with

Miracletox Advanced Homekit

Bring your aesthetic doctor home with this self-injecting booster! Reborn your skin with radiance and liveliness in no time for just $392 Nett (4 sessions).

Are you looking for ways to reduce wrinkles and brighten dull skin? Look no further.
Let our MiracleTox Advanced HomeKit turns back the clock for you to achieve a youthful and
brighter look quickly in the comfort of your own home.

Brighten, tighten, and whiten your skin

Reduce pigmentation

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Miracletox Advanced Homekit has all the advanced and improved ingredients you need in one single home kit to achieve a much better result. Clinical data from P&K Skin Research Center shows that visible results can be seen after 4 weeks.

1. MIRACLETOX Ampoule (2g x 4ea)

Miracletox Ampoule contains 10K Microspear® (micro-needle structure) that opens skin pores and deliver active ingredients deep into your skin. As it strengthens your skin and builds collagen from deep within, it is more effective and has a lasting effect. The new powerful ampoule also helps your skin absorb faster.

2. Time Rewind Perfection Mask (30g x 4ea)

Miracletox Mask has premium microfiber that contains Everlasting Extract and Real Ceramides Complex to hydrate and revitalize your skin. It also helps to lock in active ingredients when used together with Miracletox Ampoule.

3. Time Rewind Perfection Feel Cream (50g)

Miracletox Multi-protein cream contains 5 protein ingredients in 1. It helps to hydrate your skin and strengthen its elasticity with its elastic-strengthening ingredients.

Be one of our many success stories!

How can ClearSK help you achieve the best results?


At ClearSK, we believe in helping you achieve your beauty goals with at the most affordable rate.

ClearSK is one of the places where you can buy Miracletox locally as it is a newer product that is not widely sold in Singapore yet.

Our clinicians are more than happy to guide and advise you on the usage of Miracletox.

How to use?

Take off pointed cover of a TOX Ampoule by pulling it up.

Push the pointed tip of the cover into the hole in the bottom of the product.
Before going to bed, cleanse your face and evenly apply TOX Ampoule on curved areas such as forehead, cheeks, and jaw, etc.
Message your face with the fingertip’s pressure for 2-3 minutes to help Ampoule absorbed into your skin as if you push the Microspear into the skin.
After using the TOX Ampoule, wash your hands and put a mask over your face.
Remove the Mask after 20-30 minutes and tap the left essence for absorption.
Apply the appropriate amount of Cream over your face after using the Mask. You can use the Cream every morning and night.
Apply the Cream on the curved and wrinkled areas such as eyes and mouth and tap the Cream for absorption.


@fortheloveofkbeauty I received @miracletox.official Time Rewind Perfection products for review purposes, thoughts are my own.(4 ampoules and masks and a full cream) This review is quite delayed but life happens. I was told to use an ampoule with a mask once a week and could use the cream every day. This system is to help with wrinkles and lifting as well as moisturizing.▪️Ampoule: It comes with 4 ampoules. You use 1 each time, there is a lot of product in each. It contains their Micro-Spear ingredient that is to help with anti-aging. You are to only use this on your face, not your neck. You press it into your skin, you will feel a prickly feeling and this is normal. The first couple of times I used this, it left me with the prickly feeling even until the morning and made my face quite red. The third time the feeling was less noticeable and mainly on my jawline or when I touched my face.▪️Mask: It has

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  • Miracletox contains ingredients that are not commonly found in other skin tightening products. These ingredients are designed to be natural for our skin. Its star ingredient, Microspear, has been constantly improved to find the perfect formula for a radiant and brighter skin. It has been proven multiple times that Microspear works effectively. See review. (include link to review section)
  • You can apply once every day.
  • Many customers have reported seeing a difference after just 1 application. More visible results can be seen after 4 weeks.
  • Miracletox has a lasting effect. However, ageing will continue to affect your skin. Continuous effort in proper skincare is necessary to prolong the results.
  • No, the effect will not reverse. However, keep in mind that continuous effort in proper skincare is also important.
  • Yes, Miracletox can be used for all skin types.
  • There are no side effects. Miracletox is clinically proven to be safe for use.
  • As Miracletox is a needleless treatment, there is no downtime recovery at all.

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