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Achieve Baby Skin With

PDRN RJR Healer (婴儿针) $288

Repair and refine skin with Salmon PDRN from Korea

Are you looking for an effective solution to achieve brighter younger skin?

Here’s the solution from Korea to help you improve your skin quality from deep within your skin!

Advanced Ingredients

PDRN RJR Healer consists PDRN extracted from salmon sperms. Salmon DNA stimulates collagen that accelerates the repair and regeneration process of our skin cells while increasing skin elasticity. This leaves us with rejuvenated, firmer and radiant skin

Deeper Activation of Skin Regeneration

PDRN extracted is stickier and stays around the injection areas. It gives a longer duration (up to 36hours) for the active ingredient PDRN to interact with the dermis layer to regenerate the skin cells.

Lasting Effects

PDRN RJR Healer helps to repair our skin permanently from deep within.

Patented Process

The PDRN extracted is specific to PDRN RJR Healer. Other skin treatments may not produce the same results.

How can PDRN RJR Healer help you?

It can solve multiple skin problems. It is important to start taking care of your skin now at any age because when you get older, it is harder to reverse the effect due to worsening condition.

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Increase skin elasticity and firmness

Reduce pore size

Reduce appearance of acne scars

Increase skin hydration

Slow down ageing and regenerates skin cells for a young and radiant skin

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What is the expected result?

*Results are based on clinical reports from the makers of PDRN RJR Healer

3-5 days after the treatment

– Visible improvement in skin texture

– Skin is well-hydrated and moisturised

2-4 weeks after the treatment

– Improved skin tightening due to increase in collagen production

– Visible reduction of wrinkles and fine lines

– Reduced pore sizes

1 month after the treatment

– Continued improvement in skin quality as more collagen is produced progressively

– Natural lifting effect due to firmer and tighter skin

– Brighter and radiant skin

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How is the consultation like at ClearSK?


Our doctors will discuss with you to understand your concerns and analyze how the treatment can help you specifically. Supported by past records and examples.


Our doctors will give you a customized plan according to your needs. This includes the target area, the recommended number of session and the number of injections needed.

After-care planning

Our doctors will advise you on the after-care following the treatment.


  • As PDRN RJR Healer uses a super-fine needle (34G), there is little pain and discomfort. Furthermore, our doctors are well-trained in giving proper injection that can make your experience virtually painless.
  • Micro bumps may appear after the treatment around the injection areas due to the sticky nature of the serum. However, these micro bumps will disappear after a few days.

  • You will be given 2ml of PDRN RJR Healer per session. One course of treatment is usually 4 sessions. Do 1 session per month. However, do let our doctor assess and advise you on actual number of sessions needed as it depends on individual condition and goals
  • All facial areas can be treated in each session.
  • Your doctor will give you a recommended number of sessions during the consultation, as it varies across different people.
  • Set aside about 1 hour per session

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