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What is Ellanse?

Introducing you the new craze in the world of dermal fillers – Ellanse! You may have heard of household names such as Botox, Dysport or Juvederm, but have you heard of the latest and improved version of dermal fillers, Ellanse? If you haven’t, there are a few things you need to know about it. Ellanse has brought about a safe, effective and quick way to help you turn back time in this instance. In this article, we will guide you through xx must-knows to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right dermal fillers for yourself!

Ellanse ClearSK Aesthetic

1. Ellanse is a must-have to combat aging.

Did you know that from the age of 25, our face loses 1% of its volume per year? This is because our skin starts to slow down in collagen production, making our skin thinner and looser.

Therefore, Ellanse is a collagen dermal filler designed to compensate for these losses. Its main ingredient? 30% Polycaprolactone, an absorbable and biodegradable material that has helped many celebrities achieve subtle and long-lasting results and 70% CMC gel to prop out your folds (traditional fillers are only made up of hyaluronic acid). Its main purpose is to help you restore your youth by adding volume to your skin and corrects fine lines.

You should definaitely consider Ellanse if face tightening and lifting is what you are looking for!

2. Ellanse stimulates collagen growth.

Unlike traditional fillers that only consist of hyaluronic acid, Ellanse works deep under your skin and tackles the underlying issues of aging. The presence of smooth microspheres injected helps to boost collagen production, restoring the loss in collagen. This is one of the main reasons why Ellanse gives longer lasting results! It doesn’t just tackle the superficial layer of the skin and call it a day, but even more than that.

3. Instant and long-lasting results from the first session!

Ellanse contains tiny particles evenly distributed in the carrier gel, which fills the areas of the skin affected by volume loss. Because of this, Ellanse not only gives you instant results from the first session, but also improves skin quality in the medium and long-term. Results can last for 1-2 years*, much longer than other fillers and you don’t even need multiple treatments!

4. Naturally restore what time has taken away

Ellanse gives natural looking results in the hands of an experienced doctor. This is because  the product stimulates the growth of collagen which is produced naturally by the skin to give the skin the youthful “bounce” . When placed into the right spot of the skin by skillful hands, the CMC gel fills out the volume and provides a nice space for collagen to grow. Thanks to its polycaprolactone microspheres, it stimulates the growth of type 1 collagen which makes you look naturally youthful.

5. One product, multiple areas.

Ellanse can be used on all parts of the face because it is a versatile product>

It can compensate for volume loss under any part of the skin including the mid-plane, temple, deeper level of fascia or large areas such as the forehead.

You can enjoy full face rejuvenation with one single product.

Where to get and how much is Ellanse in Singapore?

Convinced and curious about where to get Ellanse in Singapore and its price? No worries. We are here to help! Ellanse costs about $700 – $900 per syringe in Singapore. Usually, only 1 syringe and 1 session is needed for effective results. You must be surprised at how costly it is but trust me, it is much more cost effective in the long run since the results last longer. Ellanse is only available in some clinics since it is a relatively new product, so be sure to check their websites. Regardless, it is important to seek professional help to ensure a safe injection.

Good news! ClearSK Aesthetic Clinic just added Ellanse filler into its arsenal of “collagen” fillers!

ClearSK has years of experience in such “collagen” fillers, the first being its predecessor Sculptra, which appointed Dr Shiau, ClearSK as it’s Key Opinion Leader in Singapore [in 2013].

Dr Shiau Ee Leng has over 20 years of practising experience in dermal fillers with blemish free record.  Dr shiau also trained the aesthetics doctors team in the art of fillers and assured our patients good results, using these virtually painless and safe procedures, that had been approved by EU-Medical Authority and Singapore HSA for use by doctors.

Book a consultation with us to understand more about Ellanse filler and how it can help you achieve your desired beauty!

Final thoughts

If you are looking for something to help you snap back into shape again, you should definitely consider Ellanse. This newly improved dermal filler is enough to help you look young for a long time. Read more to find out more about other age-rewinding treatments,  Botox and Rejuran!


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