CSK Reopening - Safety Measures

CSK Clinics scaled down operation to service priority cases only at its Medical Center clinics; all Mall clinics are shut down.

How ClearSK Keeps Customers Safe 

  1. All staff and customers will be required to wear a mask. Customers will be given a fresh surgical mask to use. 
  2. Doctors / service personnel will be wearing an additional face shield when performing treatments.
  3. All customers need to fill up a health declaration form upon checking in. Temperature of customers will be taken as well.
  4. Upon checking in, the customer will be escorted to a private room. There will be no waiting allowed in the common lounge area. For any payment transactions, our staff will assist while the customer remain in the private room.
  5. All beddings, personal towels and sanitizer will be a one-time use only. There will be no sharing allowed.  
  6. A 20-minute buffer time will be allocated in between appointments to allow us to sanitize the room and change all personal use accessories.
  7. To ensure a safe environment, we request that you come 10 minutes earlier or on time. ClearSK reserves the rights to reschedule your appointment to later in the day (if there is an available slot) or to another day, if you are late by more than 5 minutes. This measure is mandated by the government to ensure appointments do not overlap and affect the safety of other patients.

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