Remove Stubborn Fats with

Europe No.1 Cooltech Fat Freeze

Embarrassed by your stubborn fat lumps you tried so hard to hide? Alas you can remove these stubborn fats with Europe No.1 Fat Freezing treatment, clinically proven to achieve a slimmer look. Only $198 Nett
By ClearSK Aesthetics. Program designed by doctors.

Tried exercising and dieting but still see the stubborn fats?

Try a safe and clinically proven alternative to Liposuction! Cooltech Fat Freeze is particularly effective on stubborn “pinchable” fats that refuse to go away no matter what you do. Unlike dieting or exercise, you can target the specific area to slim down and get into your desired shape!

Remove up to 25% of fats
Cooltech Fat Freeze helps to remove stubborn fats by freezing fat cells and allow them to be disposed of as human waste (“Cryolipolysis”).
Dual Technology
With Cooltech dual handpieces working together, it reduces treatment time by 50%. It treats two areas at the same time with symmetrical results in just 1 session.
Target Multiple Areas

Cooltech comes with 6 different handpieces to cover all areas of the body. Unlike other fat freezing treatments that are only suited for large, flat areas, these handpieces come in different shapes and sizes to fit into small areas.

Permanent Results

Visible results can be seen after 1 session. There will be lasting effect as your fat cells are permanently destroyed and the full results can be seen after 12 weeks depending on your condition. Most people only require 2-3 treatments.

How can Cooltech help you?

At ClearSK, we offer multiple treatment areas for you to choose from.
Double Chin Removal and Jawline Enhancement
Achieve a defined jawline and V-shaped face by removing unwanted facial fats from your neck, jaw and chin
Full Body Slimming

Achieve an overall slimmer body by removing stubborn fats from stomach, love handles, back, hips, arms, thighs and calves

Before and after

How can ClearSK help you achieve the best results?


Our aesthetic therapists are trained and guided by professional doctors, certified jointly WSQ, ITE and CSK.

Clinically approved program by global authorities (USA FDA and European CE Medical).

Aesthetic Therapists have up to 10 years of experience. They are well-trained in providing Cooltech treatment to give you the best treatment settings for your needs.

Wide selection of the best treatments that is best suited for your needs. Including multiple treatment areas for Cooltech.

How is the consultation at ClearSK like?


Our clinicians will discuss with you to understand your concerns and analyze how the treatment can help you specifically. Supported by past records and examples.


Our clinicians will give you a customized plan according to your needs. This includes the target area, the recommended number of session and the number of shots needed.

After-care planning

Our clinicians will advise you on the after-care following the treatment.

Award-Winning International Aesthetic Chain in Singapore and Shanghai. Established in 1999, 12 years ahead.


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tze sunn teo
tze sunn teo
07:01 14 Jun 21
Been going to Novena ClearSK for years and have stayed put since, even though there are other outlets much nearer to... me. That i hope, speaks volumes about the services n reception I received from their staff. I was never made fearful to visit due to aggressive hardselling, which i experienced in other outlet or made to feel less important because of how many/few treatments i choose to purchase.Staff at Novena are now my friends, warm n sincere.keep up the good work attitude, Novena Clearsk team!read more
han_jam Bacanaya
han_jam Bacanaya
13:34 12 Jun 21
CSK novena medical centre. Clean and cozy environment. Excellent service.Staff are friendly and approachable especially... to my therapist Carmen always do great job and Angel always assist my more
Jolene Kang
Jolene Kang
10:44 01 Jun 21
Very good service from Manel in planning a personalise plan for me which results can be seen.
PY Goh
PY Goh
06:49 16 Sep 20
The facial treatments are effective for me. Doctors and staff are amicable and professional. Would be better if there... is less frequent hard selling and as I have many existing packages, to allow some package conversion so I can 'upgrade' and enjoy the latest more effective more
Yvonne Yeong
Yvonne Yeong
18:05 27 Aug 20
Friendly staffs and doctors and visits have been pleasant. I would much happy if someone follow up with me closely for... not to have big gaps between more
sheila tay
sheila tay
11:34 27 Aug 20
Tried their hydrobright facial which leave my skin clean and radiant. Their staff did a good job!
sharron eng
sharron eng
03:26 07 Aug 20
Like the services provide by ClearSK. The doctor did a very great job on my skin to make my skin looks more glowy. In... charge Karen Tan explained well and patiently and the therapists are all very friendly and skilful. Thank you!read more
Ee Leng Shiau
Ee Leng Shiau
03:48 14 Jun 20
12 year old established brand & industry leader. Work closely with celebs. Serious Award-winning company with overseas... ( Shanghai & Suzhou ) franchise including the coveted Enterprise Singapore’s S class more
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  • At ClearSK, our aesthetic therapists are well-trained in controlling and monitoring the treatment settings to prevent risk of burns.
  • No, there is no downtime. You may proceed with your daily activities right after the treatment.
  • One area can be treated in each session.
  • You can see a difference after 1 session. However, you will typically need a few weeks to 3 months to see apparent changes as the effect sets in over time.
  • The result can last for a very long time. However, results may vary depending on skin condition.
  • Our clinicians will give you a recommended number of sessions during the consultation, as it varies across different people.
  • One session typically last 1H to 1.5H including the consultation.

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