Coolsculpting Singapore: 6 Reasons Why It Is Popular

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Why Coolsculpting Singapore?


coolsculpting singapore
Coolsculpting Singapore

If you live in Singapore, chances are you have probably heard of Coolsculpting. You would have probably seen advertisements on buses. Local celebrity Jeannette Aw also endorsed Coolsculpting. However, you might have your doubts and want to find out more about this popular treatment. This article will share with you the top 5 reasons why you should choose Coolsculpting Singapore. 

Non-surgical alternative to body slimming 

Sometimes exercising may not work, especially for stubborn fats that just won’t go away. Or perhaps, it could be too excruciating to go through rigorous exercises and an intense diet just to not see any results after months. Hence, you might want to look out for something faster, better and easier – getting Coolsculpting in Singapore. Coolsculpting is a well-known alternative to liposuction. If you are afraid of surgical risk, coolsculpting is the right one for you!

25% Fat Loss in 1 Session 

According to clinical studies, Coolsculpting can reduce 25% fats in one session, imagine the end results after completing the treatment program! This is all thanks to its advanced fat freezing technology. It helps to remove a significant portion of stubborn fats by freezing fat cells. Your body will then naturally dispose of the dead fat cells as human waste. This treatment targets fat cells accurately without harming the surrounding tissues or vessels. Notably, it achieved 90% satisfaction rate out of over 1 Million treatments.

50% Less Treatment Time

Not only does it reduce a significant amount of fats, it also does it in the shortest time. Coolsculpting Singapore machines come with dual technology, allowing two treatment areas to be treated at the same time. This reduced treatment time by a whopping 50%!


Coolsculpting Singapore: Multiple Treatment Areas

Good news! Coolsculpting does not just reduce fats in your abdomen area, but every single part of your body! This includes common areas like upper arms, back fats, love handles, bra bulge, inner and outer thighs. This is because Coolsculpting is equipped with 7 different types of handpieces. Unlike other fat freezing treatments that are only suited for large, flat areas, these handpieces come in different shapes and sizes to fit into different areas. 

coolsculpting singapore
coolsculpting multiple handpieces

Coolsculpting Singapore: Permanent fat loss 

If you are worried that Coolsculpting Singapore will just be a one-time thing, don’t worry as the result is permanent. Your fat cells are permanently destroyed, and therefore, there is a lasting effect. You can expect to see full results after 1 month and continuous improvement. However, in order to avoid gaining back the fats, you should consider a healthy and sustainable diet, as well as maintaining consistent exercises. 

Coolsculpting Singapore: Minimal side effects 

Coolsculpting is approved by Europe CE medical and FDA. Rounds of clinical testing proved its safety and minimal risks. The fat freezing process does not damage your skin. You will feel completely normal after the treatment and may continue with your day’s activities right after. Patients have reported smooth recovery and no side effects. The treatment is also comfortable, and our doctors will adjust the treatment settings to a bearable level.  However, you may experience redness or mild swelling around the treatment area which will recover within days. 


Did these reasons convince you? If you are concerned about body slimming, but do not want to spend a hefty sum on surgeries or risk long-term side effects, Coolsculpting will be a great option! To find out more about what you should do to book a Coolsculpting treatment in Singapore, you can read our article here

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