[19798] 3A Whitening Cell Booster by DEP

[19798] 3A Whitening Cell Booster by DEP

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An Alternative to Injections

Discover this new breakthrough needleless serum delivery system alternative that delivers anti-aging benefits deep into your dermis skin without the pain of needles! Designed by doctors, this natural DNA-based whitening & hydrating treatment is clinically proven to reduce pigmentation, dryness and improve skin tone. The result: radiant, crystal clear skin in as early as 2 weeks.

Repairing Skin from Within With D.E.P (Dermaelectroporation®) 

Dermoelectroporation® (DEP) or Deep dermo-electroporation technology is an FDA-certified Italian Dermo-technology that uses a patented, powerful yet controllable micro-current to increase skin permeability and allow delivery of large-molecular compounds into the skin layers. This transdermal implantation is unique as in the past, multi active ingredients are infused into skin using needle injections. Now, the infusion can be done effectively without needle. The controlled electric current will stimulate the skin's water-based channels to open up and allow the REJUVA Whitening Bio Booster Serum to penetrate deep into the dermal skin layer.

An effective alternative to injections, D.E.P boosts the serum penetration to a calibrated depth of 1mm which reaches the deeper hypodermis layer.

Why choose this over other skin boosters?

ClearSK® Needleless REJUVA Whitening Bio Booster is a new innovative total skin brightening solution that combines three active ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Tranexamic Acid and L Cysteine to improves the look of discoloration, brightens skin and achieve more even skin tone in as early as 2 weeks.


Additionally, this bio booster treatment uses D.E.P (Dermoelectroporation®) technology to stimulate the opening of the skin existing water-based channel to enhance the capability of transdermal delivery of the REJUVA Whitening Bio Booster by opening up your pores by 17x for effective absorption of the serum.

Key Active Ingredients

Rejuva by DEP HA
Hyaluronic Acid
  • Attract and hold onto 1000x its weight in moisture
  • Replenishes skin’s moisture to enhance a healthy, supple look and feel
  • Revitalises skin and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
 Rejuva by DEP Tranexamic Acid
Tranexamic Acid
  • Amino acid that functions as a skin-conditioning agent
  • Powerful ingredient recognised for its ability to brighten skin complexion and improve appearance of discoloration
  • Widely used in dermatology to address skin discoloration
Rejuva by DEP L Cysteine
L Cysteine
  • Essential anti-aging ingredient for maintaining skin’s healthy appearance
  • Stimulates production of Glutathione, an antioxidant that prevents the production of melanin
  • High skin-whitening abilities

What is the treatment like?

After your skin is cleansed, you will feel a light tingling sensation in the targeted treatment area when the molecules are infused into the skin. A gentle vibratory massage can be added-on to help your skin relax as well as tone the overlying skin tissue. Depending on the volume of product used each session should last about 10-15 minutes.

How long will it take to see results?

The results of the treatment generally vary from individual to individual. Some customers see visible results after 1st session. Optimum results can be seen after the 4th to 6th treatment sessions with 2 to 3 weekly intervals until the desired outcome is achieved. During consultation, our skincare specialist will analyse your skin condition and prescribe suitable treatment plan accordingly.

Expected Results

Typical Treatment Results:

  • Strengthening skin barrier with powerful antioxidant ingredients
  • Reducing pigmentation, improving skin tone (skin whitening effect)
  • Increasing skin moisture and maintaining skin elasticity
  • Improving the irritated and dull skin to healthy skin
  • Restoring tired and dull skin to its healthy state

Who is suitable for this treatment?

The younger the skin, the faster you are likely to see the results. It is also important to take into consideration on the consistency of getting the treatment on a regular basis, which will result in longer and more lasting effects.

Starting earlier is better than later as a preventive measure before ageing signs show up. As we age, our skin cell renewal rate quickly falls to that of an older person due to various factors. The amount of Hyaluronic Acid (a critical agent in maintaining skin hydration) in our skin cells produce begins to lessen and cell turnover can become sluggish which makes the skin lose elasticity and expose the signs of ageing on the skin.

Complementary Treatments

  • Pigment Laser

Better results can be obtained when different treatment modalities are combined together. Depending on individual skin condition, some may require a combination of other treatment such as Pigment Laser to enhance the desired results. Example, for someone with more severe pigmentation, Laser treatment can help to first lighten pigmentation and dark spots on the skin’s surface and eliminates the root source of pigmentation that resides in deep skin depths to prevent recurrence of stubborn pigmentation. After which, turbocharge your skin with REJUVA Whitening Bio Booster to speed up your skin cell renewal rate during your laser treatments. Bio Boosters have been scientifically proven to restore damaged skin structure and self-regenerative power, which helps in speeding up new skin growth when lasers “damage” your original skin structure to eliminate away your stubborn pigmentation.

Are there any side effects?

All the skincare products & treatments carried by ClearSK® have gone through a stringent selection and are reviewed by our medical panel and certified by global authorities – FDA/CE, and HSA in Singapore for safety and effectiveness.

Post Treatment Care

We always remind our customers to apply sunblock of at least 30 SPF regularly after treatments to protect the new skin that has surfaced.

Treatment Results

Rejuva DEP Results 1

Replenishes skin’s essential nutrients for more radiant and firmer skin

Rejuva DEP Results 2

Evens out skin tone, brightens and lightens skin

Rejuva DEP Results 3

Lifts and tightens skin to achieve a well-defined jaw line.


The above price is for 1 session comprising 1mL 3A Whitening Cell Booster.

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